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If you're experiencing a power outage, there are several things you can do to troubleshoot the problem.

Electric Repair

Repairing your electrical troubles will allow you to restore power immediately and prevent a more serious problem.

Electrical Wiring

We do all types of electrical wiring, residential and commercial, Outdoor lighting and more.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan

We offer high-quality Bathroom Exhaust Fan installation, replacement, and repair services throughout Raleigh.

Portable Generators

We can connect your portable generator to your home’s wiring so it is ready to start as soon as you flip the switch.

Smoke Detector Installation

We can install smoke detectors and wires in all rooms in your home to get your house up to code and protect your family.

Light Fixture Installations

We install all types of light fixtures, garage motion lights, exterior lights and much more.

Generator Interlocks

Get peace of mind with a generator interlock. We install them on your electrical panel so you mix electricity from the utility.

House Surge Protectors

Whole house surge protectors protect your home's electrical and electronic equipment from power surges and lightning.

Attic Fan Replacements

An attic fan is one of the most efficient and cost-effective methods to cool your home. We help you choose an improved model.

Recessed Lighting

Our team of experts installs recessed lighting in new construction and remodel projects.

House Grounding

House Grounding we will correctly ground your home or commercial building and use 2 ground rods.

Smart Doorbells

Smart Doorbells & Security Cameras are the best home automation products on the market today.

Electrical Panel Installation

We install electrical panels in different parts of your home or office to reduce or eliminate fire hazards.

Gas Bonding

Doing it yourself? We can help. Our team of experienced professionals can assist with all aspects of your gas bonding job.

Flood Lighting Installation

We specialize in installing flood lighting. We can handle both residential and commercial projects.

EV Charging Installation

With our Electric Car Chargers installation, you can take full advantage of your electric car's capability and install it in your home.

Flood Lighting Installation

Flood lights are a great way to provide security around your home. They help drive away unwanted visitors and deter burglars.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Under Cabinet Lighting Installation is Easy with us. There are many more benefits to doing it with us than doing it yourself.

Electrical Panel Repair

Our technicians are trained to handle this job efficiently. Save yourself time and money by letting us do it.

Hot Tub Wiring

We have the experience and expertise to wire your Hot Tub professionally, keeping you safe.

Ceiling Fan Installation

We offer professional ceiling fan installation services. Our experienced team has the knowledge and expertise.

Meter Socket Installation

Our team is trained on the latest technology and practices, ensuring you get a quality installation that lasts years.

Light Switch Installation

Doing light switch installation on your own can be daunting. Do it with us and we’ll give you tips and tricks as we go along.

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